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Update on my lia sophia business

I am having a slow but sure start. I have to thank my inlaws for helping me with a great start to my business. They have each taken a month and booked a party for me to get me started. I so appreciate the jumpstart they have given me. Besides my sister, my family has not done the same. So it is really helpful that they are being so great to me.

I am doing a couple of craft sales in the next couple of weeks that I am hoping will help my business take off. My goal is to do a show a week. Once that happens, I think we will be able to breath and actually be able to put some money aside. Right now, I just hope from month to month that we don't have take any more money out of the savings. I read about people online who are doing several shows a week. I only wish. Heck, my manager made $106,000 last year doing this. I am not looking for that kind of money but it would be nice. 🙂

Ok, its 12:30 and I gotta go to bed.

Oh yeah!!! Please check out my new renter. ———-> girlseyeviewNU. Bob The Builder as Elton John. You've gotta see it!!!!!!!!!

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