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Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is slowly creeping up on us. Have you figured out what valentines gifts you should be getting? Most years, I don't get anything from Bill. However, he has found some great things at 1-800-flowers that he has sent to me the years he does remember. I have also gotten things from them for my birthday. I also have used their service to send Get Well Soon stuff to people. When you live four hours from your family, it is not like you can just run out to the store and by them something. Their site is super easy to navigate. I love that the picture you see is really what you get. There is no bait and switch. Their stuff looks just as good in person as it does on their website. If anybody wants to know what I would like to get this year, here is a picture:

Isn't that cool looking? Unfortunately, the hearts are non-edible, but it still is super cool looking. I also like this one:


The vase just looks so cool. I am also a huge rose fan, so this works perfect for me. (Think this is a big enough hint to a certain someone? lol).

All in all, as long as you get your girlfriend/wife/significant other something for Valentines Day, you will make them very happy. 1-800-Flowers just makes shopping for them easy, and you don't need to leave your chair to do it.

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