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Weekend In Review

We had a crazy fun weekend.  I had some old friends (and when I say old, I mean people from Green Bay that I use to hang out with).  It was great.  It was great talking with people who actually know the “old me”.  I hadn't seen them in years, but we started where we had left off.  (Hi Bill and Paul!).  My friend Bill (yes, try have 2 (aff) Bills and a Will here — then Bill's dad stopped by so we had 3 (aff) Bill's and a Will) and I met at Taco Bell working together in high school.  He took me to prom when my date broke up with me a month before prom, and we've been through a ton of crap together.  However, we lost touch a while back, so I was so happy to get together.  The last time we saw them, Madison was between 1-2 (aff).  Now, hopefully, we can get together again a lot sooner!

Now, my kids are normally pretty good.  Except on Saturday.  While we had company.  Will took a plastic golf club and whacked Madison on the face.  The lip to be exact.  He busted her gum, bruised her face, and gave her a fat lip.  Just what we needed before school starts.  Then Will took a faceplant last night coming out of the tub, so he has a busted lip.  So we are not looking good here.  LOL

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