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Who Blew Up My Hard Drive?

All I have to say is that the last person who touched my old laptop (aff) was Bill.

For those of you who don't know, I bought a new laptop (aff) before I went to Miami because of issues I was having.  However, I haven't had a chance to get everything off the old one yet.  Bad move on my part.  Now, we keep getting a weird error.  From doing a search, I pretty much figured out it is the hard drive.  I am too afraid of losing my data, so I am not messing around with it too much.  Unfortunately, that means I have to go bring it into the shop to get it fixed.  The really bad thing is that I couldn't get the Money file to transfer over.  That is bad, because it has my tax information for last year on it.  I need to access this!!!! <deep breathing> Ok, my computer place rocks, so I know they'll be able to fix it.  They usually charge me less than their posted prices since this will be the 3rd time this laptop has gone into them.   Keep your fingers crossed for me.

6 thoughts on “Who Blew Up My Hard Drive?

  1. Oh I hate having computer issues! I'm always so afraid that I'm going to lose something irreplaceable. Inevitably I won't have backed up my drives like I'm supposed to. It's scary and infuriating. Good luck and I hope it all works out for you!

  2. Oh man, how scary! You need to get a flash drive or an EHD so you can back up your files! Hard drives on laptops do not last as long as desktop ones.

  3. The big thing on there is my money file which has all my tax information on there. I was backing it up online until I bought the new one. I am hoping they figure out what the problem is soon.

  4. you know having issues on a computer teach you new things, this is the good thing with it, but never put your eggs on the same place !! it's better to have to hard disks and make backups too, there is a technology called RAID that really makes data loss a historical thing !

  5. Yeah, I agree with Kira up there.

    You should have backups all the time. Never count on a single copy even if your harddisks brand new.

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