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Will update!

I finally got Will in for his 2 (aff) year checkup.  He's a growing boy!  He's 29 lbs 3 (aff) oz and 36 3 (aff)/4 inches (which means he put on I think like 3 lbs and almost 3 inches in 6 months).  Except for his speech, he is right on target with everything.  His doctor agreed that he is speech delayed, and we got a referral for early intervention.  I called and am expecting a call in the next 2 (aff)-3 days to set up his evaluation.  He also got a shot and didn't even cry!  He's been a happy, active boy all day since, so the kids needs more shots.  LOL

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4 thoughts on “Will update!

  1. My son had an early speech delay, and we found out later that he had been having a lot if ear infections. The ear infections were stopping him from hearing correctly, but since he wasn't complaining much, we hadn't realized that he had been having ear problems. You may want to request a hearing test.

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