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Wise Alec Review

If you are looking for a great family game, Wise Alec is the game for you. There are over 1000 questions in History, Science, and Spelling that are taken from elementary school curricula. There are two levels of questions allow young and old to play together. When we played with kids, we did the 7 point questions where they kids only did 2 (aff) point questions. I loved that the game even required you to get off your butt. One of the Wise Alex cards required my husband to do 20 sit ups! Of course, we all giggled, because he had to do them.

Some of the questions where pretty hard. Us adults weren't even able to answer them. However, I think that's what makes this game fun. It's also pretty easy to modify it to work best with who is playing. We play in teams, so I think it made it easier for my 7 year old (the game is for eight and up).

Overall, Wise Alec is fun family game that would be a great addition for any family. It makes you think, gets you off your chair, and a lot of fun.

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