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Womanly Things

This post is going to be complaining about womanly things that with be referred to as Flo (you know, the waitress from the game Diner Dash). I just wanted to warn the faint of heart before I begin.

Do you know what having a baby does to your hormones? If not, let me explain. It completely throws them out of wack. Why do I say that? Well, after having Madison, for about 5 months, Flo would visit three weeks out of the month. Then I would have a week without her and then she would come and visit again. This wonderful occurrence started after what I have happening now. Currently, Flo visits every two weeks. I am on birth control, so this should NOT be happening. However, until we find the one that works for me, we play this wonderful game. I get PMS, so anyone who has regular contact with me should get some term life insurance. Seriously. After having Madison, they actually put me on PMD medication, since I was so moody.  I hoping to avoid that right now.

On the other end of womanly things, I bought some new bras, since after having Will, the girls changed in size.  Here's the scary/weird part of the story.  Bill was checking out what I bought when I went shopping and asked what size they were.  I said they were a DD cup, and he goes no they look more D cup.  I checked, and he was right.  Why does my husband know cup sizes by just looking at them?  LOL

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  1. Heh, my hormones are just naturally out of whack. Flo used to visit once in a blue moon and now she's over for two to three weeks out of the month. She's such a pain!

    It must be an unwritten law that men will know bra and breast sizes at a glance. I know way too many guys that can take a glance and tell you the size accurately.

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