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You’ve Been Sentenced

sentanced1-160x300A great fun game to play with your family has to be You've been Sentenced! It's for 8 and up, but with some help, even your new reader can play it.  Each player gets 10 cards.  You take your ten cards and make a sentence that makes sense.  Your sentence then goes to the jury — that is, your fellow players.  You have to justify why it makes sense to score.  Some of the sentence you are forced to make up are pretty funny.  It really makes you think fast and having to justify your sentence makes you have to think even faster!  The game comes with 540 cards that are five sided, so you have hours and hours of unique games ahead of you!  If you manage to make it through all of the cards, there are even add on decks!  You can add on the Reader's Digest National Word Power Challenge, Gourmet Cuisine, Pop Culture (this is our personal favorite), Sci-Fi/Fantasy, and Sports Highlights.

You've Been Sentenced (aff) is a game that is fun for any child or adult who can read!

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