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Babies, Hormones, and Life Part II

Disclaimer: I talk about womens’ bodies and what they do in this post.  :)

I while back I wrote this first installment of my Babies, Hormones, and Life experience.  I was hoping it was my last.  However, it isn’t and this will explain why my posting has been sporadic at best this last month.

I know I have been slacking here.  I have no energy.  None.  Whatsoever.  Most days I just want to climb into bed and sleep all day which is not conducive to having 2 toddlers.  And if you know me, is so not me.  I am the one talking to you on Twitter at midnight and then working at 4 am.  The other two huge stressors that happened was Will’s seizure and Bill smashing the Prius. So on top of those crappy things, I think we also a geneticist appt with Madison too.  (Seriously, I know my life is a soap opera.  I’d love it to stop).

So how does this all tie in?  Well, on top of all this, I have had my period since May 4th.  Not spotting — full blown period.  I have to wear a pad at all times and I bleed through tampons so they aren’t even an option.  My dead tiredness started with this period (I’m seeing a correclation here!).  Best of all is that I am on Seasonique.  I should get a period every 3 months.  Well, I am in the middle of a pack right now!!!!!  So I shouldn’t have a period, I shouldn’t have cramping, and damn it, I shouldn’t have a 3 week period.  Again.  Sigh.

I have been waiting to post this, so I could go talk to the doctor.  We had discussed some options over the phone, but he wanted me to come in.  I’ve been on 6 birth controls since having Will.  Yes, 6!  They are calling this breakthrough bleeding — I call it the never ending period.  :)  But seriously, it sucks.  Bad.

I had 8 vials of blood drawn yesterday.  They are testing I think all my hormone levels, doing a CBC, and some thryoid testing too.  Now, several years ago I had thyroid testing done (before kids), and it never dawned on me to ask for it again.  Nevertheless, it’s been done and I’ve got the bruises to prove it.

Our plan of action is simple.  I am now on my birth control and an estrogen supplement.  The estrogen should stop this “breakthrough” bleeding.  I always laugh when people tell me Bill should get snipped.  I should drop several thousands for him to get that done (which he would) but I still have my hormone issues and I’m still stuck on birth control.  Doesn’t make much sense to me.  Now, if the estrogen does not work, then we get into the no fun stuff.  I will have to go in for an ultrasound and for exploratory surgery (I think he called it a hysteroscopy — no idea if that’s how you spell it).

I decided to write about this because I know I am not the only one out there with this problem.  However, when you have the neverending period, you sure do feel like it.  I personally tried doing a google search and pretty much came up with that I had cancer (at that point, I stopped searching and waited for my doctor’s appt).  I’ll let everyone know how it goes from here, but keep your fingers crossed that the estrogen solves the problem!

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  1. I hope that the estrogen helps! And that you can find some answers through all of the testing. I've noticed over the past few months that I get exhausted the week before/during my period too – keep ending up falling asleep on the couch in the evenings and not getting other things done. Ugh! :(

    I'm sorry you're going through all of this… Hugs…

  2. Thanks! My mom is worried about cancer with estrogen and I am more worried about this period stopping. I am always going so this wanting to sleep all the time is killing me. Plus, I have a history of depression and I was getting worried it was rearing its ugly head.

  3. My goodness. That's enough of this stuff now! Are you taking Iron? 'Cause you're probably anemic from all that bleeding. Sending (((HUGS))). Please let us know how things are going.

  4. I’ve noticed over the past few months that I get exhausted the week before/during my period too – keep ending up falling asleep on the couch in the evenings and not getting other things done

  5. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and challenges openly. Hope fully the estrogen solves the problem for you. I enjoyed reading your blog. You are an inspiration to me.

  6. Hey there…hope you're feeling much better now.
    My mum has the same problem -she's now 56- but that was because she is in menopause. However, my grandma, my mum's mum, had the same problem you are having now-hopefully not anymore-after the birth of her third child. She would bleed for 3 weeks and really losing her strength on the way. This was during the 50s. The doctors decided to operate on her her uterus and what they basically did was shut down the system. So, no more period, no more making babies-she wasn't going to anyway, 3 was enough. You would think that i would have period problems, myself or my sister, because our mum too has always had difficult periods. But no, ours is like a breeze, compared to theirs. And our pregnancies were a lot more easier than theirs. So, genes don't always play such a vital part, do they?
    WIshing you the best!

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