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Wordless Wednesday: Will Singing In Church


Reader Interactions


  1. Oh you look very handsome and I love to sing at church too. I have not been able to attend church for a while due to some health issues. But, I work with our youth and I love to hear you guys sing!

    Thanks for hosting and Happy WW! :-)

    Keep singing for the Lord….it’s a good thing!!!

  2. Now what I want to know is that Mama’s little angel? Now think before you answer that because I had two boys too! ~giggle-giggle~ I had angels in church as I watched on, and devils as soon as I turned my back, but I must say they never bad-mouthed me! They were respectful… excuse me! Are respectful. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. If I was in the choir you would only see my lips moving no sound, don’t want to torture anyone LOL. Love that your children are much better then I was.

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