14 Apple Snacks For Kids
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14 Apple Snacks For Kids

14funapplesnacksfinalWith these fun snack ideas, eating a delicious apple has never been so appealing for kids! From Monsters to Yoda, there is a fun apple snack idea for kids of all ages on this list! I can't wait to try a few of these 14 Fun Apple Snacks for Kids! I have a feeling you will adore a few of these recipes too!

Ladybug Apples
Apple Owls
Apple Dipper Snack
Apple Crumb Cookie Mini Tarts
Apple Cars
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Inspired Snack
Apple Turtles
Apple Puzzle
Apple Monsters
Apple Sandwiches
Turkey, Apple, Brie Bites
Yoda Apples
Apple Tortoise 
Apple Flower Tarts

I think the Yoda Apples are fantastic and what kid could resist an Apple Owl snack? Which of these Fun Snack Ideas are you going to make for your kids first this fall?

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