5 Wedding Gift Ideas
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5 Wedding Gift Ideas

Wedding season is here! If you are looking for wedding gift ideas for the happy couple, a mother-of-the-bride gift, or even bridesmaid gifts, I've got you covered.

For instance, music boxes are the perfect wedding gift idea. Did you know you can choose the couple's favorite song or a song playing during an essential moment in their lives and add it to a music box? You can also add custom engravings for the couple that'll always bring a smile to their style that matches their personality.

On the other hand, mother-of-the-bride gifts are all about mom letting go. Accordingly, these wedding gifts should be meaningful for “mom.” If there is a lullaby or song she used to sing, add that song to the box. You can also engrave a quote that her daughter says to her or that she particularly loves. Best of all, you can add a mom-and-daughter figurine to music boxes, too!

In the meantime, don't forget the bride’s favorite crew! They deserve unique bridesmaid gifts, too. Whether the bride met them on the playground or they are desk partners at work, the bride and the bridal party have a special bond that only grows stronger as they share life’s milestones — like a wedding day! That’s why showing them how much you appreciate their friendship with a thoughtful gift is essential. A picture of the bride with their bridesmaids can easily be added to many music boxes and their favorite songs.

5 Wedding Gift Ideas

These little customizations take your gift up a level and make everyone involved feel that much more special. Here are 5 wedding gift ideas that you can use for your next wedding:

Gift Idea #1: Hi-Gloss Macassar Finish USB Sound Module Music Playing Jewelry Box

Hi-Gloss Macassar Finish USB Sound Module Music Playing Jewelry Box


  • Equipped with custom sound USB digital module
  • Can fit approximately (15) mp3 songs / 100 MB memory Modern design with multiple compartments
  • Exterior: minimal gloss, Macassar finish
  • Interior: all lined in cream leather Interior: 2 (aff) open compartments, 2 (aff) extended ring rolls
  • Construction: wood, silver hardware

Gift Idea #2: Eternal 18 Note Wedding Theme of Doves and bells with Heart Sorrento Music Box


  • 18 Note Movement (please see item options for available tunes)
  • Option to upgrade to 22 & 30 Note (please see higher note options)
  • Wedding Theme of Two Doves & Two Bells outlined with Heart Shaped Ribbon Wood Inlay
  • Contrasting natural wood tone border
  • 1 Open Compartment – Handcrafted in Sorrento, Italy
  • Constructed of Blonde Stain, Burl-Elm – Hi-Gloss Finish – Gold hardware

Gift Idea #3: Octagonal Beveled Wood Tone Custom USB Module Music Box


  • Equipped with a Custom USB Sound Module
  • Can fit approximately (15) mp3 songs / 100 MB memory
  • Exterior: octagonal beveled lid, mahogany colored finish with high gloss
  • Interior: lined in light brown fabric, 1 ring roll, 1 small compartment
  • Wood/Materials: solid wood, gold hardware

Gift Idea #4: Handcrafted 23 Note Ivory Wedding Bells Italian Musical Jewelry Box


  • Tune: 23 note movement (please see above for available song titles)
  • The wood inlay includes 2 golden wedding bells tied together with ribbon
  • Exterior: Ivory stain with black lacquer trim
  • Interior: lined in plush brown fabric with open compartment
  • Wood/Materials: burl-elm and rosewood, gold hardware
  • Handcrafted in Sorrento, Italy

Gift Idea #5: Modern 4 X 6 Photo Frame USB Sound Module Music Jewelry Box

Modern 4 X 6 Photo Frame USB Sound Module Music Jewelry Box


  • Music: USB module
  • Materials: Solid wood and gold hardware
  • Exterior: Glossy rosewood finish with floral motifs and photo frame
  • Frame Size: Viewable size is 6 x 4 inches
  • Interior: Beige velvet, 1 open compartment, horizontal ring rolls
  • Product Dimensions: 7.00 x 5.25 x 2.75 inches

Undoubtedly, now you know some of the best wedding gift ideas that you can buy!

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