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A Simple Solution For The Budget Crisis in Wisconsin

This is a video that I think Wisconsin's Governor Scott Walker needs to watch:

I don't even live in Wisconsin, and I'll chip in $32!

3 thoughts on “A Simple Solution For The Budget Crisis in Wisconsin

  1. I can't believe there is only one response to this. $32.00 – this is the best plan yet! Everyone spends at least $32.00 for a movie night! Where are our priorities.

    Also, maybe Walker should have saved some of the States money by not going to the Superbowl with his people! You know, he would say everyone should live within their means and give up something important to them!

    All Walker wants to do is take away our freedom – I give all the protesters my congratulations for fighting for something important. The corporate people sit back and support Walker because he is kissing thier "A__" and visa versa.

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