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About that new car . . .

Remember that Prius we went on the waiting list for back in July?  Well, we had one false start about 3 (aff) weeks ago when they told us our car was in.  However, when we got there, it was the wrong car completely!  Needless to say, we were not happy campers.  However, there really wasn't much we could do besides complain.  Well, we got a phone call today (after we noticed the missing mailbox — see post below), and guess what they said?  No, it wasn't for discount furniture. Our new car was in! I was still a little nervous that it was going to be the wrong one again.  However, it was the right one!  Though things weren't as smooth as it seemed.  The car actually came in yesterday, but our sales guy doesn't work on Fridays.  When they logged the car into the system, they actually mixed up our car with another blue Prius that came in today.  Now, our sales guy called and said it was here quite early this morning.  I was out and had to come back home (aff).  We then fed the kids breakfast, and took them over to Grandma's house.  In the meantime, the dealership was looking for our missing car.  From the sounds of things, they had found it shortly before we got there.  I can only imagine how bad our salesguy was freaking out.  All in all though – we got the car we wanted with the package we wanted.  We are happy campers.  It was too darn cold to take pictures today, so hopefully I will get a chance to get it up tomorrow.

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  1. Lucky you!! Hope you enjoy it. When we finnaaalllyyyy get our little Corolla paid off we are getting on the list for a Prius or going to go for a Hybrid Camry. Woo hooo! Can't wait!

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