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Active Life: Extreme Challenge

One of the reason we got a wii was because I wanted our kids to be active.  I wanted me to be active too.  That is why when games like Active Life:  Extreme Challenge come out we definitely try them out.  This game is all about doing extreme sports like base jumping (which I always wanted to do for real) and rock climbing (which you get to do on the Grand Canyon!).  There are 15 activities, a time trial, and even a multiplayer portion (note:  don't talk smack to your significant other until you've tried the game first).  I also love that you can use your own Mii and don't have to use one of their characters (if you don't have a Mii, then you can definitely still use their characters).

This is a game that is a ton of fun, for all ages, and will get your heart rate up!  Try it out!


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