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Alphie Databots

Anything that makes learning fun is something my kids and I love to try.  Playskool's new Databots definitely fit that bill.  The MAESTRO- BOT pal is a musical playmate with a keyboard in his/her tummy who teaches preschoolers about melodies, colors, shapes, patterns, and sequencing.  You can play along to Mary Had a Little Lamb, Three Blind Mice and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star on the robot’s keyboard (which is a huge hit with Will since Madison takes piano lessons and can play those songs on our keyboard that we have.  He now gets to feel included when she is practicing).  Kids can easily figure out how to play with this, and it is super cute.  My kids enjoyed playing with it quite a bit.  It does take 3 AAA batteries also.

If you get an Alphie Databot in your home, you will have lots of giggles, smiles, and best of all, music!

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