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Amazon Frustration Free Packaging

Amazon, if I could, I would seriously make out with you right now.  Yes, I said it.  Whoever came up with frustration free packaging is a genius.  They deserve the Nobel Peace Prize.  I also have to give a shout out to 37 Signals and Remarkable Parents for letting me know about this.

Now, you can see from this picture how the packaging is different.  The one of the right is what it looks like now.  The one on the left is the new packaging.  I find it weird that a lot of bloggers find this wrong.  However, as a mother of a 4 year old and a 1 year old I find this genius.  I remember when Madison turned one.  It took 6, yes I said 6, adults over an hour to open her toys.  Now, that is crazy.  I remember my fingers hurting from the twisty tie things and just the waste and the mess.  How would you like to get just a brown box, and all you have to do is open it?  Sounds much better, doesn't it?  How many of you have had kids whining “do you have it out yet??!!??”?  I know I have that here.  They don't have the attention span while you find a screwdriver and everything else you need to get some of these toys out of their packaging.  Heck, I remember cutting my arms on the clamshell packaging when you are trying not to saw the entire top of the packaging off.  Plus, this new packaging is so much better for the enviroment.  I would love to be able to recycle that box (where I live, the more the community recycles the less we pay for our garbage to get picked up).  Now, this packaging is done right at the factory too, and only effects Amazon.  You will still find normal packaging at your favorite brick and mortar store.

The main argument against this is that the kids can't see what they are getting.  My response to that is what is worse — they have to actually open the box or have the toy stuck in packaging so the kids can see it but can't play with it because it will take me 20 minutes to get it out?

I am interested — what are your thoughts on this?  If you can't tell, I give Amazon two thumbs up on this move!

14 thoughts on “Amazon Frustration Free Packaging

  1. I think the new packaging is great. I remember how hard it used to be for me to open some of my toys as a child. If they placed a color photo of the toy on the box, that looked exactly how it would look if the box were transparent, then both parties, kids and parents could be satisfied. 💡

  2. I want to kiss them first. There is no downside. Kids can't see what they are getting? Are you kidding? If it's a gift, we wrap it, can't really see it can you? I think any kid allowed to vote on this matter would definitely like the no see box versus the no play without a lot of tools and time box.

  3. Amazon really know how to bring the best and quality service to their customers.

    I loved this concept and hope Amazon will keep it up with other great ideas in the future!

  4. I don't have any small children, or even grand kids. But this packaging issue goes much further than just kids toys.

    I have had to stop buying some across the counter medications because I can't get into the darn package to save my life.

    Generic drug packaging is the worst ever when it comes to its packaging.

    I keep a small knife attached to my key ring, because there is no doubt in my mind that at some point I will need it to open something.

  5. this is brilliant! less frusteration but also less waste! less plastic and wires for the landfill! I love this! thank you Amazon thank you!

  6. I've been saying for years, "Why can't they pack these in boxes." Once we get through the clam shell, and plastic, it's only good for throwing away. Talk about a waste!

  7. Dont get me started on this! Huzah to Amazon, I am sick to death of trying to get into various pieces of difficult packaging. Only this morning I cut myself trying to get a knife out of some impossible plastic thing – oh the irony!

  8. Definitely agree with you guys. The packaging on some items are like crazy nowadays. Even some items that are not for kids are very hard to open, but luckily i have my scissors that cut through everything..

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