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Grill Daddy Review

Every so often you come across a product that your husband exclaims: Why didn't I think of that??!!?? The Grill Daddy is that product for my husband.

The Grill Daddy is basically a steam cleaner. It uses the heat from your grill to do all the hard work for you! First, you fill the Grill Daddy up with water. In and around the stainless steel bristles, there are lots of tiny holes that let the water out. As you use The Grill Daddy, the heat from the grill heats the water and gets rid of all the yucky stuff on your grill grates. Best of all, the brush head can be taken off and put into your dishwasher (aff) to clean!

As you can see, Bill has used this on our grill already. (It's been hard to find a day that's been warm enough here to actually grill). It was super easy to use, and it really did work. I love that we aren't using any chemicals that could leach onto our food, and it sterilizes as it cleans.

The Grill Daddy would make a great Father's Day gift this year!

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