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Amby Baby Bed

We just had this one of these baby beds delivered to the house. Here's what it looks like:

This baby bed definitely has great potential to be awesome. When I first looked at it, I was excited to see that it is suppose to help infant colic, infant reflux, restless sleepers, and short nappers. Since my son fits 3 (aff) of the 4 of those things, I thought this would work perfect for us. It is endorsed by both Dr. Sears and JPMA. It took Bill about twenty minutes to put it together. The directions were pictures, so they were super easy to follow.

I wish we had this 5 months ago when he was first born. This would have worked great for our needs back them. Will still suffers from GERD. However, the only problem I have is that Will is too big for this. Will has recently (within the last week) figured out how to sit up. He also immediately tried to roll over in it and screamed when he got stuck. It says that you can use this up until 12 months, but I don't see how that is possible. However, if this was the bed he started with, it may have made a difference.

Overall, I would get this for a new baby. Its design and assembly are nice and easy. It also keeps your baby on its back (which helps prevent SIDS) and helps with a variety of other issues. Sleeping babies are always a good thing.

5 thoughts on “Amby Baby Bed

  1. No way that would work for a baby up to 12 months! Yeah, maybe if they’d had it from the beginning, but I’m still doubting that. The idea is still a good one, especially if it will do all that it says… but my 9 month old nephew won't lay still for 3 seconds, I think he'd have that thing flipped upside down in 2 minutes LOL

  2. I have seen reports of this type of hammock cot taking a colicky baby, that would only sleep for 1-2 hours in one go. within a Week would be sleeping for 6 hours solid.

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