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Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet? is about the centers on the Kingston-Persons family.  They are a blended family facing the challenges of everyday life.  They also are going through the trials of being a new blended family.  Nick Persons (Terry Crews) and Suzanne Kingston (Essence Atkins) are newlyweds (six months).  Suzanne has two children: 14-year-old daughter Lindsey and 12-year-old son Kevin, from a previous relationship.  She is also a party planner. Nick's mother (Telma Hopkins) is not happy about her son's recent marriage.  The series draws its humor from the everyday family situations.

I went into watching Are We There Yet? not sure what to expect.  This is definitely not The Cosby Family.  However, I enjoyed it.  Some of the jokes seem a tad forced, but you can definitely relate to this family.  You have the mother-in-law who isn't all too thrilled with her new daughter-in-law.  You've got a 14 year old who is into boys and clothes.  I love Kevin though — he's sweet but knows how to drive a hard bargain.  They take on some issues that we all could experience:  who dented the car, a lost wedding ring, etc.

Are We There Yet? is definitely worth checking out.  You can find it on TBS Wednesday nights at 10/9 c or check out some of the featured episodes on the TBS website.

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