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Are You Addicted to Blogging?

My sister (who just drove up from Wisconsin) and I are sitting here.  We are not talking to one another.  Instead, she has her laptop (aff) on her lap, and I have my laptop (aff) on mine.  We both are blogging.  Does that mean we are addicted?

9 thoughts on “Are You Addicted to Blogging?

  1. Know it just means that you have an over developed skillset at blogging. You need to round out the tools in your tool kit. You should both expand into other ways of communicating. Maybe you could twitter or utterz each other. maybe you could do the old fashioned thing and skype or chat with each other.

    Or you could even play a drinking game together on Facebook.

    If you wanted to get really deep into Web 1.0 concepts, you break out a web cam and do bizarre acts for strangers and make enough money to retire by the end of the week.


  2. Just admit your a blog addict and love it. You definitely need to IM her or it's just not right. You should be bonding when you're together. My little sister and I would both be on the computer together and I'm sure that will be a great memory to come.

  3. everyone in my family gets on a computer every day. Im the only one who blogs though.

    I dunno.. maybe you are addicted xP

    Bleh, more people chose the pin up layout, so i shall use the one you and I like best for the next layout. 🙂

  4. My daughter and I are on each of our own laptops b logging the night away at the same time on IM too. Its cool! You may not see us talking but we're blogging AND chatting. Isn't it great to be an addict? :-}

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