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Art Gripper

I've always got things I want to be hanging on the kids's bedroom walls. However, it is very difficult to find something that doesn't take the paint off the walls or that doesn't leave a gooey mess.

Art Gripper is exactly what I needed!  I have used it in Madison's room to hang a ginormous poster of a dog.  I've also used Art Gripper to hang poster board and magazine pictures on the wall.  I love this stuff.  It is super easy to use.  You cut it to the size you need.  Then apply it to the wall.  You pull off the yellow backing and then hang your artwork!  It's that easy!  I love that it is reusable and removable.  It doesn't leave a mess on your walls either!

If you are looking to hang things in your home (aff) without a mess, this is your product!

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