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Square Shooters

I haven't found a person who doesn't like Square Shooters.   Square Shooters are 9 nine dice that are printed with a full deck of 52 cards plus 2 (aff) jokers. Their patent-pending design places the playing card faces on the dice in such a way that popular card hands from poker to rummy can be rolled.  For instance, every straight and royal flush card for every suit is on a different die; and every rank card is on a different die! You literally can use them to play almost any playing card game! The dice are specially designed so you can roll hands for rummy, poker, 21, etc.  It's great when playing with little ones who understand the games but can't hold 7 cards in their hands.  I love that the directions not only come for playing a Square Shooters game, but they list directions for a ton of other games.  You can see in the picture everything that comes with it.  I love that it is self contained, and that I can easily throw it into my purse so we can take it everywhere!

Square Shooters is literally hours of fun, because there are just soooo many games you can use this to play with.  I highly recommend this for everybody!

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