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Baby Einstein World Animal Adventure

Baby Einstein World Animal Adventure is Baby Einstein's newest DVD out.  It's for kids 12 months and up and has been voted by moms as “a product they can't live without”.  I would have to agree.  We are a Baby Einstein family, and this DVD is another favorite in our house.  If you don't read my other blog, Will, my 2 (aff) year old, is in speech therapy, and we've used this to help him talk more.  We are able to talk about all the animals on the screen and get him to repeat back words like monkey, bear, etc.  A great new cool feature that they have included in this DVD is called “grow with me”.  This viewing mode adds the words on the screen which is great for Madison who is learning to read.  If you are bilingual, you can even run this on either a Spanish or French language track.  I have to admit I enjoyed the scenery in the scenes.  The animal were filmed in their natural habitats, so you really get a great glimpse into their lives.  There is even a n extra on here so you can just watch the puppet shows!  My kids have always enjoyed the Baby Einstein puppets, so this was a great feature.

Baby Einstein World Animal Adventure (aff) is a movie I can definitely recommend to anyone with little ones!  My kids love it!

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Baby Einstein and received a World Animal Adventure (aff) DVD to facilitate my candid review.

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3 thoughts on “Baby Einstein World Animal Adventure

  1. Cool! Thanks for sharing! 😀 I have a 2 year old sister and she's really starting to be talkative. She could really use this one.
    It's amazing how they quickly learn the words at a very young age 😀

  2. I have found baby Einstein toys typically to be very good. Always bright colors, educational and attention grabbing for the babies. Glad to hear this product was no exception.

  3. My son has other one's of these and this one is short, and not as good. Just more boring, and he seems less interested than the <a>Baby Mozart and Baby Einstein baby bach.

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