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Birth Control

As a young woman nowadays, birth control is very important. The choices you make regarding it also have a great deal of weight attached to them.

My Birth Control Trial and Errors

I personally have tried several different things. My first method of birth control was the pill. When I first started it, there was not over a dozen of different kinds. Instead, there were only one or two, and that is what you were stuck with. I hated it. I next tried Depo Provera. Of all the kinds of birth control out there, this one is my favorite. You get a shot every couple of months, and you no longer have your period. It is awesome. The biggest drawback is that it can take up to 18 months to get out of your system. After Madison, we did not know when we wanted to have our next kid, so this form of birth control was no longer an option. Instead, I went back on the pill. My second try with the pill was much better. I was not as moody as I was the first time. I also like knowing when my monthly friend is going to arrive. However, I cannot remember to take the stupid thing. I am amazed that I did not get pregnant while on the pill, since I could not tell you how many times I missed taking it. Before I got pregnant with Will, I was on the ortho evra patch. I loved it. I only had to remember to take replace my patch once a month. Honestly, I have not decided if I will go back to the Ortho Evra patch or not after my six week checkup. This will be something I will discuss with my obgyn and get his thoughts.

Why should you care about the Ortho Evra Patch and its effects?

I started this post by saying that your birth control decisions may determine the rest of your life. I know that sounds overly dramatic. However, everything you put in your body has its own risks. For example, there is an Ortho Evra Lawsuit. This has come about because of some of the negative effects of the patch. I know I said I loved it. However, there have been some very serious side effects that some women have experienced. The lawsuits have come about because Johnson & Johnson did not tell people of the increased risk of blood clots and other complications. I know if I ended up with a clotting disorder and that possibly was not told to me, I would be extremely upset and angry.

What is my next step regarding the Ortho Evra Patch?

If you are currently on the Ortho Evra Patch, you should talk to your doctor about your own personal risks. The two of you should decide if this is the birth control for you.

If you have had complications after using the Ortho Evra Patch, you definitely should contact:
Ortho Evra Lawsuit – Birth Control Patch. These are lawyers who can tell you your legal rights and if you should receive some sort of compensation for your problems caused by the Ortho Evra Patch. If you contact them, you are not agreeing to anything besides talking to them about your situation. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

6 thoughts on “Birth Control”

  1. The pill is very common and known and used by most girls I know. It is good for yur complection but it does not protect you from AIDS and other diseases so that one always should be-double protected.

  2. I use the pill and I'm quite happy with it. I always leave it in sight on my bedside table so I can't forget it. I love it the most not because it keeps me from getting pregnant but because I'm no longer in excruciating pain every month. For that reason, I wouldn't want to live without my pill!

  3. This was a really informative post on birth control. I think many people aren't aware of the variety of choices available to them out there. Depo Provera sounds pretty good. However getting a shot every few months makes me feel a little uneasy.

  4. I also use the patch. Before the patch, being on the pill was horrible. I also missed doses. The little beepers didn't help. After been on the pill for over half a year I still don't know where the beeping was coming from. After rummaging through my bag for 5 minutes, I then remember what was beeping.

    I wouldn't want to do injections. I cringe at the sight of needles.

    Thank God for the patch!

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