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Boy Stocking Stuffers from Hasbro

Will is a huge Spider-Man fan.  All he does all the time is sing “Spider-Man Spider-Man do do do do do do Watch out   . . . Here comes the Spider-Man”.  Not too bad for a three year old.  🙂  That being said, I was pleasantly surprised to see that there is an all new line-up of wonderfully styled  Spider-Man action figures.  You've got your Dive Attack Spider-Man, Sky Speed Spider-Man, and the Night Mission Spider-Man.  These are all 3 (aff) 3 (aff)/4 inches tall, so they make awesome stocking stuffers. Will carries his little Spiderman around everywhere!

Now, if your kids aren't into Spider-Man, you have the Transformers Power Core Combiners.  These expand on the classic Transformers that we all know and love.  These new figures combine with one another to create a wide variety of larger Combiner robots.  Each figure serves as various body parts and weapons.  These are sold in 2 (aff) packs and 5 packs.

Lastly, you have the Star Wars Action Figures With Galactic Battle Game.  This is great for Star Wars fans of all ages.  You can battle your friends in head to head action and unlock the hidden power of your favorite action figure.  Each figure is packaged with a competitive gaming base, a unique battle attributes card, and a die to play the game.  Not only can they play with the figure on its own, but they can play with their friends also! Madison (who isn't a boy but loves Star Wars) found this to be pretty awesome too. She likes that it comes with parts for her to add (like a helmet) and that there was a game for her to play with it too.

All three of these gifts will make great stocking stuffers for Christmas this year!

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  1. My kids are HUGE Spiderman Fans too! They will love this! Also, Sears has some great clothing for little superheroes and it was all half off for the past 2 weeks!

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