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Bravo Tom Dart!

I am not sure if this made the national media yet or not.  However, my Cook County Sheriff has stopped evicting people from foreclosed properties. They have found that a good percentage of people they were throwing out of their houses were renters who did nothing wrong and didn't even know that the house they were living in was being foreclosed. From now on, banks will have to present his office with a court affidavit that proves the home (aff)'s occupant is either the owner or has been properly notified of the foreclosure proceedings. Illinois law requires that renters be notified that their residence is in foreclosure and they will be evicted in 120 days. However, it is evident, that isn't happening.

“My job as sheriff is to follow court orders, absolutely,” he said. “But I'm also in charge of making sure justice is being done here and it is clear that justice is not being done here.”

Bravo Tom Dart!  Since this isn't an election year for you, I am glad to see that you are standing up for the little people.  I doesn't surprise me that you are already being sued for this decision.  However, I personally think you are doing the right thing!

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One thought on “Bravo Tom Dart!

  1. This did make the national news, it was on the front of my AOL welcome screen. They quoted him as saying something like, "Not on MY watch." Meaning, as long as he's in charge, no one is getting evicted. Good for him.

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