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But Mom I Can’t Stay In Bed

How many times have you heard your kids say that?  Let me tell you, Madison has been on a roll lately.  For some reason, she is refusing to go to sleep at night.  She's killing me.  I want to get to bed, and she's staying up later than me and Bill.  I refuse to let the 5 year old the run of the house, so I am the one that tends to suffer.  Let's see, her excuses to not go bed include:

  • I'm thirsty
  • I'm not tired
  • I have to go to the bathroom
  • I don't want to sleep by myself
  • I hate sleeping
  • It's too loud

A lot of the time, she doesn't even have excuses.  She just slinks herself down the hallway thinking that we won't notice.  Of course, I always do.  She's not as quiet as she thinks she is.

What kind of excuses do your little ones come up with for why they can't go to bed?  What do you do to stop them?

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13 thoughts on “But Mom I Can’t Stay In Bed

  1. Ah yes, I remember this. It depends on the kid, I think. Have you tried letting her run around and get really super exhausted during daytime, so she's practically passed out on her own by nightfall?

  2. If your kid is taking nap in the afternoon, maybe you can try skipping that routine? Or maybe you can try reading her some bedtime stories.

  3. i know its really too much to work with kids..but i think if you work polite and kindly then it will be really good…and finallt they are kids so everything unpredictable…right….

  4. Yes i agree. i drop them off at the park make them run around like crazy and then they are exhausted !! best way. goodluck!

  5. It is generally natural to kids.They don't have such type of sense at this age.Time by time child get those senses..

  6. Maybe take out a nap if one is being taken. It's always a sign for us that the nap isn't needed if this week kiddies are staying up too late.

  7. I had to tell my daughter that she would not be allowed to watch cartoons in the morning if she got up "one more time". That seemed to do the trick.

  8. My four years old niece has the same attitude like Madison did, Lisa. In this case, I always warned her, if her didn't go to bed early, then she will be gifted a pair of "Panda eyes"…!

  9. Oh my… well the common excuse are,

    I want to play

    I want to read

    Let me write first

    Tell me a story (after one story, will be asking for more


  10. I always found that a walk after dinner and then a warm bath made my kids want to go to sleep instead of fighting it.

  11. LOL. My children were also like your cute 5 yr old. The usual reason they gave me was "I'm thirsty", I need to go the CR. But since I look as a "hitler" to them, they immediately do their stuff and ran back and sleep. Three were all grown ups and still its fun to reminisce their childhood. I have three kids and yes, they still reasoned these two to me but I'm smarter than them…lol

  12. I had to tell my daughter that she would not be allowed to watch cartoons in the morning if she got up “one more time”. That seemed to do the trick.

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