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Butt Bench

My mom has a bad back. She has a hard time walking and standing for long periods of time. When I come across products like the Butt Bench, I know I have to try them out.

The Butt Bench literally took me about 5 minutes to install. It is really that easy. It has allowed me easier shaving in the shower, and it is awesome for when you just want to soak your feet (and we have jets on our tub so this is awesomesauce!) and not take a full bath. You do have to be careful if you have kids that they don't use it as a diving board. The great thing about this product is that, because it is so easy to install, it is just as easy to remove when your kids are in there! You can get them in different colors and different woods, so you can match your bathroom too! It also comes in two different sizes.

If you have an older parent or if you'd like to not do gymnastics while shaving in the shower, I recommend the Butt Bench. I love mine!

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  1. Great product, I have been looking into purchasing one for the hubby, he has had a knee replacement and has trouble on some days bending his knee, this would be an awesome addition to add to our bathroom.. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This seems similar to those high end (or at least I see them in really nice houses) showers that have the built in seat/ledge.

    Seems like a good addition for even people without back problems. Not sure if a lot of people would be able to use it though, seeing as how it looks like it takes up a decent amount of room.

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