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Carolina Playsets

If you have kids, a wooden playset is often a staple in your yard. They stand the test of time, and kids just love to play on them. With the obesity epidemic we have going on in this country, every little bit that helps the kids to go out and be active is important!

If you are looking for playsets in Greensboro, check out Carolina playsets. Most of their outdoor wooden playsets are customizable. You can add exciting features such as rock wall climbs, scoop wave slides, swivel mounted tire swings, horse glider swings, gang planks, picnic tables, pipe climbs, club houses, lemonade stands, turbo tube slides, and much more. You can taylor your wooden playset to your child's age and needs. I personally am a fan of picnic tables whereas my kids love slides and rock walls. They even have pirate ship wooden boat playsets and wooden castle playsets! If you can't find something your kids would love, I would be shocked!

Carolina Playsets serves Greensboro, North Carolina area and surrounding Piedmont Triad area as well. (High Point, Burlington, Reidsville, Asheboro, and Jamestown, NC). Their installation crew can come for a complimentary yard evaluation or they can provide layout dimensions on any specific outdoor wooden playset.

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