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Catching Up

I have been slowly but surely catching up this week.  I am finally able to read in my paper about the flooding that occurred while I was gone to Izeafest.  It is pretty scary.  My own backyard had water deep enough that it went to almost my knees.  All I can say is that I am so glad we paid a waterproofing company to come in and fix my basement.  I know our old sump pump never would have been able to keep up either.  For three days straight, we listened to it go off every 30 seconds.  However, a lot of people were not as lucky as us.  I know in Chicago, Evergreen Park, and several other suburbs they have had to look into a water restoration company. These companies come in help you with the water cleanup and mold removal.  I know too well how stressful it can be when you watching your basement fill with water (two years ago we had it happen here).  I know we were watching here this last weekend.  We would have lost a lot if my basement leaked and that what companies like that are here for.

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