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Smart Cart

Last year, I wrote about the awesomeness of the Smart Cart I had.  We've used it for a ton of stuff.  My favorite use has to be traveling.  It fits great between the kids in the van, and it holds all their stuff when we are driving up to Green Bay.  I have even used it for Madison's soccer stuff! That is why I had to tell you about the Bigger Smart Cart that they have on the market now!

Now, we use this smart cart when we travel too (among about 100 other uses). As you can see, this is our last trip to Green Bay. In my bigger Smart Cart, I literally packed 4 people's worth of clothes for a weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!). Yes, I got it all in that bag! Amazing, I know! I even pack an extra change of clothes for both kids too!

The bigger Smart Cart weighs less than 4 lbs. but has 35% more room than the regular size Smart Cart. You can haul around 125 lbs in this, but it still folds down to only 2″ (which is great for storage). The Smart Cart is waterproof and has two handles for the times you need to load it into your vehicle or up and down stairs. It also has the long handle that has ergonomic curvature.

I love both my Smart Carts. They get tons of use in my house, and I can't wait to take the Bigger Smart Cart camping with us this year! It's a great waterproof, environmentally friendly product that I can only recommend!

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