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Chippy Chipmunk Parties in the Garden

Who doesn't like a chipmunk? There are cute adorable creatures that constantly scurry around getting seeds, nuts, and berries. (Granted, I do know that they can be a nuisance, but work with me on this).

Chippy Chipmunk is about all of these things. The story follows a chipmunk through the adventures in a garden. The photographs in the book are breathtaking. I would love to know how she got them all in the poses she needed for the story (granted, it did take her two years!). You really get a close up view of the Eastern Chipmunk. The story is easy enough for Madison to read (she's 6), and the pictures alone tell the story. It's perfect in length. I especially love that at the end there's a few fun facts for you like:

– Chipmunk cheek pouches can hold 6 acorns or over 30 sunflower seeds.
– They can jump a distance of 2 feet.
– They can collect over 100 acorns per hour and can store a year's worth of food.
– Solitary critters, they live alone most of their lives. (who knew?)

This has to be one of the cutest books I've ever seen.  Since the chipmunk is an animal they see in Illinois all the time, the kids are pretty familiar with it.  However, they never got to go on an adventure with one before.  They loved the story  Chippy took and actually asked if he goes on more adventures!  Cute story, awesome pictures . . . What more could you want?  Definitely check out Chippy Chipmunk Parties in the Garden.  You won't be disappointed.

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  1. We have a chipmunk family that lives in our neighbor's yard during the warm months and under our garage in the winter. We call them all "Chippy", I'm serious! I'd love to get this book for Kaitlyn!

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