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Cook Or Be Cooked

Ever wanted to cook without the mess? Want to learn some new cooking techniques?  Food Network's new game Cook or Be Cooked allows you to do just that.  You can work on all of your cooking skills without the cleanup!  It's great for everyone from moms to kids to single guys.  The 30 recipes you make in the game can be made in your kitchen too (unfortunately with the cleanup).  There is even a multiplayer option, so you can show who's king of the kitchen (they also have a cooperative mode tool but what fun is that?  LOL).

This is a fun game to play, and I love that the skills I have learned playing can also be used in my kitchen.  The added plus is that the recipes are really good too (and they are things you'd actually make)!  This is one time that there won't be too many cooks in the kitchen!

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