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Countdown To Christmas: Bake Me A Wish

Have you heard of Bake Me A Wish! before? Bake Me A Wish! provides freshly baked occasional cakes for all seasons and celebrations. They deliver the cakes overnight in an elegant box with a personalized gift card. Now, you cannot leave their site without being hungry. I know that I wouldn't mind a few of those cakes being sent to my house! They all look so good.  Granted, I may need to walk on a treadmill after that, but it's all in the name of research, right?

The reason I am including them in my gift guide this year is because of what else they do.  When you order a cake from them, they send an identical cake to a soldier in Iraq for their birthday.  5% of all their orders is used to assist their efforts in sending gourmet occasion cakes to soldiers overseas.  Now, if you know someone over in Iraq who wouldn't mind a gourmet birthday cake, make sure you forward their name to them.  I found myself tearing up just reading all the thank yous from soldiers receiving their cakes.

If you need a birthday cake, make sure you check out Bake Me A Wish! and see if you can help send a soldier a cake!

14 thoughts on “Countdown To Christmas: Bake Me A Wish

  1. This IS a great idea! We do something similar with Patriot Packs from Beyond Bookmarks. People can purchase one of their patriot packs and they'll ship them to service members in the eMail Our Military database. We have tons of other great ideas to support our troops all year round and for the holidays.

    Stop by our blog or website!

  2. very tasty by seeing only . I have heard of them before, but have never tried them. That cake does look good.We have tons of other great ideas to support our troops all year round and for the holidays.

  3. Thia time i was so much hungry and it was looking very nice and you have given a good recipe relating to that. Thank u.

  4. I am a 26 year Army (Retired in 2004) Veteran and think this is a wonderful idea! You'd be amazed how good it makes a service member feel when they know stateside programs are supporting their efforts.

    "An ounce of thought, equals tons of motivation"


  5. A friend of mine has just got back from a tour in Iraq and spoke about how lonely and bored a lot of the soldiers get. It must be a great feeling getting a birthday cake to know that people back home are supporting you and remember what you're doing.

  6. I cannot waitttttttttttttttttttt until Christmas! I love the cakes, cookies, huge meals, and more!

    This is such an awesome venture that they use some of the funds to support our troops, the real heros of our country.

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