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Countdown To Christmas: puzzleball

Do you or someone you know like puzzles? If so, you have to get the puzzleball. It is the most unique puzzle I can say I have ever done. Instead of doing the puzzle flat on a table, the puzzle pieces actually make a perfectly round ball instead. The pieces are curved and made out of plastic. I have to admit the plastic threw me a bit at first. However, you quickly forget about that and work on the challenge of the puzzle. The puzzleball comes in several different styles (18 in all) and sizes ranging from 60 – 540 pieces. My favorite part of the puzzle is that the puzzle pieces are numbered on the inside in case you need a hint!

Now, the puzzle I have above is the Junior World Map.  It is 96 pieces and comes with base stand.  You are also able to get unicorns and dinosaurs in this size.  It retails for $14.99.  The next size up is the 240 piece puzzle.  That puzzle is $24.99 and also comes with the base stand.  The designs you can choose from include ocean world, world map, wildlife, and penguins.  Lastly, there is the 540 piece puzzles.  That is $39.99 and includes the display stand.  You can get this with the earth, the historical world view, or celestial (this one actually glows in the dark).

If you are looking for a high quality affordable gift for the person who has everything this year, I highly recommend a puzzleball.  This is a gift for both adults and children that you can have hours of family fun with and spend less than $50!

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