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Countdown To Christmas: zOrb

Want to be the coolest parent ever this Christmas? The zOrb microscope is that cool gift.  I've had my 4 year old using it, so it is good for little kids all the way up to teenagers.  It easily hooks up to your computer; all you need to do is hook it up to your USB port on your laptop or desktop.  The really cool thing is that you can magnify it anywhere from 35 times on a 14″ monitor all the way up to 53 times on a 21″ monitor.  Want to see it in action?  Watch this video:

The microscope has a built in illuminator too.  The coolest part is that you can make your own video with it too (and no, I won't subject you to the videos my daughter made).  The zOrb comes in three colors:  Surf Blue, Safari Green, and Lava orange.

A gift all ages will love is this zOrb microscope, so make sure it is on your shopping list.

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