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Craig Ferguson’s Take On John McCain

I got an email asking for Craig Ferguson's response to the Letterman/McCain thing and McCain suspending his campaign. Craig also brings up some really good points. For example, we didn't suspend the campaign or the election process for Pearl Harbor, 9/11, or the Nazis. Why should be now? Here is the video:

Any thoughts?

10 thoughts on “Craig Ferguson’s Take On John McCain

  1. Sorry…going to go opposite here. 2001 wasn't an election year, unless you were in the UK, and why would they suspend their election…they weren't here. AND McCain isn't asking to suspend the election, he's only asking to postpone a stupid debate for a couple of days. My question, why isn't the 'other' guy as concerned about the economic problems of the day? Oh yeah, because Fannie Mae has been his cash cow for 2 1/2 years raking in the third highest amount of any Senator!!

    Sorry….couldn't just let that slip by!! But 'cha know I love ya!!

  2. I think Robyn summed it up well. I am not a fan of Obama or McCain but I don't think Obama is ready to be a leader at all. He only has his confidence when his lines are scripted.

  3. Normally, Craig's show is just a bunch of insane ramblings and I love it. Lately, it's been your typical "rants for ratings" night after night. It was novel the first time, now its just annoying. Even if I agree with everything he says 🙂

  4. Buttttt, the conspiracy theory is that they will have to cut one of the debates because they will run out of time for it (and scheduling). They aren't going to cut the presidential ones — instead the VP one. Then the nation can't see how bad Palin really is.

    Not my words, but what I've heard. :mrgreen:

  5. Truly….I dislike them both! I've said it on my blog many times…I'm writing Venomous Kate in on my ballot! I was thinking of writing my own name it, but not with four kids!!

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