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Crazy Weather

I cannot believe the weather here in Chicago.  It is crazy — one day we have snow and then next is 50 degrees.  This weekend is no different.  When we flew back on Friday night, it was something like twenty degrees here.  It snowed several days while we were gone last week.  Today, I think it got up to 57 degrees.  Right now at 10:30 pm, it is 55 degrees.  Here's where the crazy part comes in — tomorrow we are suppose to get snow again.  It is suppose to snow on and off all week.  You wonder (aff) why everybody is getting sick?  Well, these crazy temperature fluctuations are not helping matters.  I was hoping it was going to stay warm since we were talking about bumping will up to a bigger carseat (aff) which means I won't be able to carry him in the carseat (aff) anymore.  That would be much easier if it was warm out!

2 thoughts on “Crazy Weather

  1. Here in the Uk it has been the same, last week it was quite warm and now it's FREEZING! I think the weather has decided to mess us around this year and annoy us…

  2. I flew back into O’Hara on Wednesday and it was really really cold… then back in Wisconsin it warmed up to 40 and then back down to icy cold. The only thing I appreciated about my recent trip to Vegas was 68 -75 degree weather. The funny thing is I was sweating out there and that is not hot. Oh well- it was good to be able to walk outside with my Momma there for two days. Now I feel cooped up again.

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