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CSI: Las Vegas

I have always loved this show, and this season has not disappointed me yet. I thought I was going to miss Sara since she left the show. However, the expert writing has easily made her disappear from our minds. Each week I am anticipating the story. I am glad they got away from the more personal stuff and is sticking more to the story of the crime (though I did love the miniature killer). I almost had to turn it off 2 (aff) weeks ago when they did the story on the 3 (aff) year old (I won't give it away in case you haven't seen it). You know it good when it hits that close to home (aff). I love all the interesting stuff they can do like taking finger prints from a faucet or figuring out the trajectory of the bullet that killed somebody. The show made being a CSI look glamorous.  If you need an awesome show to watch on Thursday nights (or you can catch the reruns on Spike all week long), make sure you tune into CSI!

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4 thoughts on “CSI: Las Vegas

  1. I love that show! Although I have to confess I didn't read through your post because they would have been spoilers for me. I live in the Philippines and I rely mostly on DVDs. The last episode I watched was the cliffhanger episode. 🙂

  2. I am a faithful watcher of CSI, but I still want Sara back in the picture. I know it is only a show but I really wanted Gil to be happy.


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