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Customer Service

As I was packaging up some lia sophia returns, I was thinking about how important customer service is.  Even though I do not have to, I do returns for my customers.  I find that my customers like this service.  It is quite easy for me to do since I have a copy of all the receipts.  I hope that doing things like that will give me good word of mouth advertising.

However, how many times have you told people about bad customer service?  I know I am guilty of telling people about the bad before the good.  I want to warn people not to try bad products or places that have been rude to me.  I am still telling the story about the gymnastics program director being a b**** and how Madison will never be in gymnastics.  However, I don't tell you enough about how awesome a lot of the other programs I have had Madison in are.

When you are in business for yourself, you have to remember that the customer is always right and try to do your best.  You want to be known for good customer service.

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