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Darvin Furniture

This is a local store for me. I don't think they are a national wide chain. However, if you live in the Chicagoland area, you need to stop at Darvin Furniture for your furniture needs. I am pretty sure that their sales people work on commission. However, you don't feel them breathing down your neck while you are looking. I have never found a time when I couldn't find a salesperson to help. The salespeople are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They carry almost all of the name brands of furniture and mattresses. They also have great financing deals going all the time. The only thing is that you need to put down a third of the purchase price. You can use cash, charge, or even money from your checking account. At this time, we have bought our kitchen table, our living room set, and today, we just bought new mattresses from them. We wouldn't keep going back if this wasn't a great store to shop from.

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  1. OMG! I can't even tell you how much of our furniture is from Darvin! That is the absolute best furniture store. We moved to Texas in April and had to buy a new sofa and it was horrible, we couldn't find a single store to compare to the quality and prices of Darvin.

  2. Their delivery is excellent–on time and everything is set up.

    The guys work for Darvin–not an outside groupl

  3. Very interesting. I got a lot of quality information I can use on the podcasts that I have planned. Thanks

  4. Wow quite an impressive review regarding the Darvin Furniture and other good things you have sorted my problem towards purchasing out the furniture..

  5. This place is a joke! We ordered a sectional and custom fireplace on January 1st. They finally deliver my furniture on March 18th. In the process of bringing in my sectional they shattered a picture, gouged, scratched and dented our walls and trim and tore the sectional. Then they bring in my custom fireplace which we waited 2 months for. It was the wrong fireplace. When we sat down with the manager we received no apology and only offered to give us $100 off the price of this sectional. I will never shop Darvin Furniture again! Absolutely horrible experience.

  6. Thank you for sharing this information in this blog. Darvin furniture sound great furniture shop, in addition of knowledgeable and helpful salespeople, so nice… Great post!

  7. Not worth the drive and I live in Orland. We purchased expensive Leather furniture from Darvin after 3 deliveries we finally received the recliners,now several months later 1 chair lost it color on the leather the other one the cushion is sinking due to the frame cutting into leather. Now Lets talk customer service or lack of. They don't seem to care what we paid, the fact the furniture is falling apart after 4 months or the inconvenience we went to for several deliveries of furniture with problems. I will never purchase from them again and warn think twice about purchasing furniture from them especially expensive sets. Their action was to rebuild the furniture in my house. I guess my house is a

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