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Day 2

It was Day 2 for both kids today. Madison's second day of school was today. She only went for three and half hours today. She still loves it and getting her to tell us about her day is still like pulling teeth. Pretty much, all she remembers is that she prayed (she goes to Catholic school) and had a potty break. Exciting morning, huh? Tomorrow, she goes all day. Will had his second day of speech therapy. He wanted nothing to do with it today. Getting him to respond was like pulling teeth. I am hoping he'll warm up to the speech therapist more each week. Right now, we lose half the session, because he is being shy.

I'll be honest — I can't believe Madison is in school. We got a letter sent home today that she'll start having homework shortly. I still remember the day I brought her home from the hospital. I just hope she continues liking school.

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