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Day In Review

For those of you not on Twitter, yesterday was not a good day.  Actually, we should go back to Monday.  Monday was Madison's birthday.  Bill ended up working late, and we had some really nasty storms come through.  We had promised Madison that we were going to be going to Denny's for her favorite:  Alien Pancakes.  However, it was storming and hailing at dinner time, so we talked her out of it.  However, I still needed to go out and get a snack for Madison's class.  What should have been a short trip ended up taking two hours.  There is a kid in her class that is allergic to peanuts. Needless to say, I learned that almost everything has peanuts in it.  Then yesterday due to the sixty degree temperatures and constant rain our basement started flooding.  To make matters worse, our sump pump quit working too.  Being that I was here by myself, there wasn't much I could even do about the basement.  I couldn't leave the kids upstairs by themselves.  I called Bill, and he came home from work early.  Come to find out, the reason the sump pump quit working was that cover somehow got pushed into the float, and it wasn't letting it kick in.  Once we took care of that, my basement started draining.  The good thing that may have come out of the basement flooding (again) was that I think Bill realizes that putting any money down there to finish it is pointless.  I am hoping we can get a chance to run up into the attic and measure tonight.  I want to call and get some estimates on how much we are talking about to go up.  We have a 1/2 story up there, so we wouldn't be going from scratch.  I personally think it is the best way to get more space.  Plus, it would add more value to our home.

How has the last couple of days been treating you?

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  1. I had the exact same thing happen to me about 3 months back and I had new Toyota that I had just bought that got flooded and it was just so much trouble to have to go through all of the insurance and blah.. Im glad its ok now. Sorry to here about your little incadent!

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