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Diamond Brilliance

With the outdoor party season kicking in high gear, there is a need for outdoor cutlery. I know that I don't like spending hours doing dishes after a party so using plastic cutlery is a great answer. However, not all plastic cutlery is created alike.

Diamond Brilliance cutlery is an easy and inexpensive option for the special occasions in your life. This cutlery actually looks like real silverware (without needing to polish it!). Best of all, the cutlery is about to withstand the toughest foods! At only $4.49 per box (10 spoons, 10 knives, and 10 forks), Diamond Brilliance is an affordable way to spruce up a barbeque or summer party.

One thought on “Diamond Brilliance

  1. Wow! I have never heard of this brand of cutlery before. What a fantastic option for those nights where you just don't want to do a heavy load of dishes. Thanks! Now, do you have to purchase them from a specialty store or can you pick them up in places like wal-mart?

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