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Dining Out Tips – #NSNation Update – Week 13

A question that I've gotten a lot is how am I eating out and still losing weight. Now, real life often gets in the way. I'll be the first to admit that. You'll find that it's Saturday, you've been running around all day, and its 7 pm and nobody ate. (That is the exact thing that happened last Saturday to us!). This is why I love Nutrisystem so much, because I know what the calorie count I'm shooting for. (When you log your food, it tells you what the calories are. Plus, I've asked for how many calories I should be having in a day.) Now, this Sunday, I've got a Girl Scout dinner with Madison. Since I don't know what we are eating, I am a little concerned. However, by following a few rules I've set up for myself, I know it will be fine. 🙂

1. Check the menu out before you go! That makes eating out about 100 times less stressful. When I walk into Jason's Deli, I know what I am ordering. When I walk into Chili's I know what I'm ordering and how I'm ordering it. (Hello, Margarita Chicken).

2 (aff). Don't be afraid to order special. For example, that Margarita Chicken I mentioned — I get it without the Pico and without the beans. My waiter has never cared that I am ordering it special either.

3 (aff). Order water instead of soda. The water will fill you up before you get your meal.

4. Don't starve yourself before you go. If you don't eat all day, you will make yourself sick, and you will overeat. Why do that to yourself?

5. Think portion control. If you don't like the restaurant's lighter menu, you can order off the regular menu. Just remember portion control when you do. Instead of eating one ginormous sandwich, only eat half of it (or less).

6. Make smart choices. You know what foods are better for you. A plain chicken breast is always going to be better for you than fried shrimp. (Trust me, that just breaks my heart to even say out loud.)

7. Say no to complimentary bread baskets and tortilla chips. Lots of calories and mindless eating involved with these!

8. Skip dessert.

9. Have your waiter remove your plate as soon as you are done. Most people, myself included, will keep picking at their food if it is in front of them even if they are full.

10. Don't stress out about it. Enjoy your dining experience. Don't ruin it for yourself because you are hung up on how many calories you just ate.

As for my own weight loss week, I'm down another 2 (aff) pounds. My total weight loss is 32 lbs in 13 weeks. I also had the best morning ever last week when one of the moms at Will's school walked up to me. She first congratulated me and then told me I looked awesome after losing all the weight I have. Needless to say, that made my day. 🙂


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17 thoughts on “Dining Out Tips – #NSNation Update – Week 13

  1. usually you need to be specific and choose well on the kind of food that you will eat in order to enjoy it. You also have to request properly so that the waiter would understand your order. And also they can prepare it the way you wanted it to be.

  2. You are full of not only great ideas for losing and maintaining weight but for healthy eating too. I usually check a restaurants menu online ahead of time because I always have a hard time choosing. I haven't thought of checking the calories content. ;D

  3. These are some great tips! I love the first tip. I have never thought about checking out a menu before I get to the place. Very interesting!

  4. I never thought about the bread and chips adding so many calories. I'm good with water. I try to drink a glass before I eat and more while I'm eating. Very helpful tips.

  5. Fantastic tips. We never order soda, its always water and always go straight to the meal or if we're ordering appetizers, split a meal between us

  6. another tip I heard was to ask for a to-go box as soon as you sit down. Then when you get your food, place half of it in the box. That way you are controlling your portion size!

  7. Your tips are spot on! I know I eat the most (in terms of amount) when I go to a restaurant starving! When I was on WW, I would only drink water and sometimes I would ask to hold the bread or tortilla chips b/c it was too hard for me to just have one….

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