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New York – Day 2 and Day 3

We got up up Dubois, PA and took the kids swimming. Since we are staying at my sister-in-law's house, we won't have a pool to enjoy on our vacation. Instead, we get to meet baby Vito (my SIL's new son – he was born in March). We had a four and half hour drive ahead of us after our swim.

We ended up not doing a whole lot on Saturday. We got here and went to a BBQ. After that, we pretty much went to bed.

Day 3 (aff) was Sunday and pretty much a day of rest. We walked from my SIL's house to downtown Nyack. We checked out some store and had lunch. Last night, we ended up playing games with the kids and just basically took it easy, since we know that we have a long week ahead of us!

We are here and enjoying New York so far!

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