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Dirty Sexy Money

Anybody watch the episode last night? It was awesome. I am wondering which of the kids (if any) are not Darlings. My guess would be the twins. My favorite part is the kid that Brian is trying to pass off as a Swedish orphan and not his son. I kept thinking that he was using salt shakers on his food. Instead, it was pepper. There was a comment made at the family dinner about how they never saw anybody put that amount of pepper on their food except for Brian. I am seeing that they are laying the seeds for everybody to kind out that this is really his son.  This show has so many great twists and turns that I can't wait each week for the next show.

5 thoughts on “Dirty Sexy Money

  1. I always seem to flip to this show when it's on- I typically stay away from prime-time stuff, but this show really intrigues me. Wish I could have seen last night's episode… this new twist gives me a reason to catch next week's for sure.

  2. I have never seen that show.. (but I've seen the commercials!) but it certainly sounds interesting. And I also did not understand a word you said, lol :]

  3. Yes, I totally love that show! I thought the kid was putting salt on his food at first, too. LOL Like you, I am just dying to find out who's not really a Darling, but you know they're going to make us wait, those evil producers! I get kinda' grossed-out when thinking that Karen could really be Nick's half-sister, considering they've done the nasty and all. LOL

  4. I'm with you, Lisa! I was thinking that Brian is not a Darling. MAYBE Brian knows he's Nick's half brother and that's why he hates him so much!! Jealous? Now Brian is doing the exact same thing to his own son…

    Love Leigh's spin on this too. Ewwww!

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