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Disney Channel All Star Party

If your kids are fans of the Disney Channel, then Disney Channel All Star Party is a must have game in your house.  I have to admit that this game was right up Madison's alley.  She loved the majority of the 30 mini games you get to play (each was based on popular Disney Channel shows, movie  locations, and themes — I think I even caught a Phineas and Ferb set).  You get to play as your favorite Disney character (can you say Hannah Montana anyone?) and unlock the ability to play with your Mii.  You can also play in circuit mode or free play mode with up to 3 (aff) players.  The more you play the better — you can unlock new games.  You can also keep track of your high scores and your competition sessions too.

Madison knew who all the characters were and loved this game.  This is must have stocking stuff or under the tree gift for anybody who watches the Disney Channel!

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