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Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water's Edge

If you are a Nancy Drew fan, you will be excited to hear that there is a new game out (for both Mac and PC)! It is called Nancy Drew Shadow at the Waters Edge. I have to admit this game was more on the scary side than the other ones I've tried out and reviewed. Madison wasn't too happy about that! LOL However, she got over it, and we enjoyed being Nancy Drew in Japan on vacation. Of course, her vacation gets cut short. However, along the way of solving the mystery of the vengeful ghost, you get a lesson in Japanese culture (origami, tea ceremonies, customs, myths, calligraphy, etc). One of the things I love about this new game is that it incorporates new technology into it like taking pictures and playing games with your cell phone. Like the other Nancy Drew games, if you make a really bad mistake, you don't have to start over. You just start back at that spot. That makes it a lot more enjoyable for the younger crowd (well, the older one too probably). I also like that there are two levels of detectives: Junior and Senior. It allows all different ages to play and not be bored and not be frustrated.

Nancy Drew Shadow at the Waters Edge is a fun and exciting game to play.  If you've like the other Nancy Drew games in the series, you will definitely enjoy this!

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